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           Sewing & Artworks by Tracy Friend

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                                      "The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is in the details".

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Good morrow gentle folk.

We are come hither to reach a goal united by good deed and action. You may call  me by my good name, Tracy

and I will call you Friend.


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Thanks for visiting.

     I'm in the process getting this website together and will be selling ready made (pre-priced) items,

like chemises, cloaks, pouches, etc by this fall.

   I do custom work on a first come, first served basis.

I live 20 minutes west of Ft Worth in Weatherford, and prefer to have people come to me for custom fitting measurements.

There is a measurement chart available by clicking on the link below, that can be easily filled out by you at home, however,

 I cannot make corsets or other tightly fitted garments with out personal fittings.

Faire is in progress and I'm already pretty booked, if you just want a chemise or skirt, it may be possible to get that done.

In most cases, if you have a pattern that you prefer, I'm willing to work with it.

                                                                                                                                                                                        Click here for :

Measurement Chart/Form

        These full length gowns can be made to any length, including shirtwaist.

Note: I do not use elastic, anywhere! All Necklines and Sleeves are cased and corded. All seams are finished (no raw edges)

(each chemise can have 10-15 hours of labor into it, sometimes more depending on the details, and they are made to last)

Click Here for

     Pricing Notes






Scarborough Faire 2004

At Faire

this link will open

a new window


Sleeve Cuffs

(Double Cased)


New sleeves and

 train options

will be posted soon!


Different Necklines

(High Casing)


(Corded Edge)


(Low Casing)





                                This page is a work in progress and edited often


Pricing Notes for


Adults and children over 48 inches tall:

Average prices range from $75.00 to $160.00

The average full length adult, muslin chemise is usually about $95.00 - 125.00.


Children 48 inches tall and under:

Average prices range from $55.00 to $90.00.

The average full length child's, muslin chemise is usually about $70.00,


Final Pricing is based on fabric, length and detail. (an adult full length gown has 7-8 yards of fabric, or more!)

Material choices range from almost see-through to heavy winter muslin in clean crisp whites to speckled antique creams,  colors are also available.

Lengths range from shirtwaist to full floor, also available with trains.


Click on the link below to send me your measurements:

Measurement Chart/Form





Tracy Friend

Telephone: (817) 594-2486

Email: SewingAndArtwork@tracyfriend.com

Weatherford, TX